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Gourmet Sausage Buns

6 count
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Gourmet Sausage Buns

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6 rolls per pack

Moulin Boulangerie Gourmet Sausage Buns are the perfect companions for your favorite sausages. These artisan buns are crafted with care, offering a delicious blend of flavor and texture that elevates your sausage experience. Whether you're grilling up classic bratwursts or exploring unique sausage varieties, these buns are designed to complement and enhance the flavors of your choice.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Filtered Water, Sugar, Salt, Fresh Yeast, Soybean Oil

Contains: Wheat, Soy.

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Moulin Boulangerie
South San Francisco, CA
Moulin Boulangerie was founded in the 90s by Tony Bouhalkoum, who studied pastries and bread in Paris for many years before bringing his knowledge and passion to San Francisco.Read more