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Momofuku Korean Chicken Noodle Soup

3 servings

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Momofuku Korean Chicken Noodle Soup

Product Details

Active time: 20 mins, Total time: 30 mins. Makes 3 servings

We worked with the culinary team at Momofuku to craft a flavorful soup base for a comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup, which will help you get dinner on the table fast. Packed with punchy aromatics and finished with slivers of scallions, this soup is sure to become a staple in your winter weeknight dinner rotation.

Contains: fish, tree nuts (coconut), wheat, soy, sesame

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What You Get






Boneless, skinless chicken thighs

Momofuku Korean Spicy Soup Base

Chicken Broth

Momofuku Soy & Scallion Noodles

What You'll Need

Canolia oil

Step 1

Chop the onion into 2 inch pieces. Chop 8 cloves of garlic. Peel the ginger and grate or chop 2 tablespoons. Slice the scallions, keeping the white parts separate from the green. Cut the lime into wedges for serving. Remove the chicken thighs from the packaging and cut each one into 4 or 5 strips, depending on size. Season the chicken on both sides with salt and pepper.

Step 2

In a large pot, warm 2½ tablespoons of canola oil over medium-high heat. When the oil shimmers, add the onion and cook until it begins to soften, about 3 minutes. Add the scallion whites, ginger, and garlic and cook until beginning to brown, 5 to 7 minutes. Add the sliced chicken to the pot, turn the heat to high, and cook until beginning to brown, stirring frequently for 5 minutes.

Step 3

Add the Momofuku Korean Spicy Soup Base to the pot and stir to coat. Cook until the vegetables and aromatics begin to carmelize, about 5 minutes. Add 2 cups of the chicken broth with 1 cup water and the spicy soy packet from the noodles and bring to a simmer. Once simmering, add the noodles and simmer for 10 minutes.

Step 4

Ladle the soup between bowls, sprinkle with the reserved scallion greens, and serve with the lime wedges on the size for squeezing.

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About The Producer

New York, NY
Momofuku was founded by David Chang in 2004. Since then, Momofuku has opened restaurants across the country and developed Momofuku Goods, a line of home cooking products with the same obsessive devotion to quality that propelled their restaurants to success. Good Eggs is excited to offer Momofuku at Home, an exclusive collaboration inspired by the powerful flavors and iconic dishes that have earned the group recognition the world over. These meal kits deliver convenience without compromise as only Good Eggs and Momofuku can. Read more