Moloko Ice Cream

Condensed Milk Swirl Ice Cream

16 oz
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Condensed Milk Swirl Ice Cream

Product Details

16 oz, Arrives Frozen

Moloko's Condensed Milk Swirl is their rendition of the classic Russian flavor. Creamy and sweet, they use Straus Family Creamery milk and cream and organic condensed milk for a truly organic, sustainable, and delicious experience. Boiling condensed milk for several hours until it has turned a deep golden color, they then incorporate it at the end of the freezing process, creating swirls of luscious goodness. Eat this ice cream straight out of the pint, scoop onto a cone, or enjoy with a baked dessert.

Ingredients: organic cream, organic nonfat milk, organic sugar, organic egg yolks, organic condensed milk (organic milk, organic sugar).

Contains: milk, eggs.

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About The Producer

Moloko Ice Cream
Los Angeles, CA
Moloko produces the first Russian-styled ice cream that is organic and premium.Read more