Miyoko's Kitchen

Miyoko's Kitchen

Fairfax, CA

Indeed – the lure of cheese is strong, and many of us have fallen to its siren call. We hope to be able to answer that call with the most delectable whole-foods, plant-based cheeses in the world! Our products were created by Miyoko Schinner, who embarked on a mission to recreate the range of flavors and textures she had once enjoyed from dairy cheeses before becoming vegan. Several years of experimentation culminated in the publication of her groundbreaking book, Artisan Vegan Cheese (Book Publishing Co., 2012), which she hoped would inspire others to make their own. Despite the success of the book, people frequently requested that she simply make and sell them. To satisfy this demand, she assembled an amazing team of passionate vegans with expertise in different areas, and Miyoko’s Kitchen was born!

Miyoko’s Creamery is located in Fairfax, California, in a building that had been a natural food store for over two decades. With high, arched ceilings, sun pouring in through skylights, and old wood trusses, it is a place with real soul. Fairfax is a quaint town located in the heart of Marin County, a place long celebrated for organic agriculture, small family farms, and artisanal foods. Tucked between rolling hills reaching out to the Pacific can be found little farms lovingly growing organic produce, and passionate chefs carefully handcrafting foods for sale at the myriad farmer’s markets. Among them are many artisanal cheese companies regarded among the best in America. And now, with the launch of Miyoko’s Kitchen, Marin County can boast of the first artisanal vegan cheese company in Northern California!

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