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Lao Curry Style Grass-Fed Beef (Frozen)

14 oz
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Lao Curry Style Grass-Fed Beef (Frozen)

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One 14 oz pack, arrives frozen

Phil's Finest (formerly Misfit Foods) puts the "more" in omnivore! These grass-fed, grass-finished ground beef mixes are packed with up to 40% of delicious veggies & spices. They're more flavorful, more nutritious, and more of what you're looking for in every bite. Lao Curry Style Grass-Fed Beef combines a healthy helping of sweet carrots with the herby depth and chili warmth of Lao style curry. Phil's Finest beef mixes are easy to cook too. We like to make patties, grill or griddle on a cast-iron skillet, and serve over rice with a fried egg on top! Phil's Finest is the best of both worlds - veggies and meat working together to make a better place (and plate) for everyone. Our Lao Curry Style Grass-Fed Beef is made in partnership with Chef Boby Pradachith of Thip Khao and Hanumanh in Washington, DC and Padaek in Falls Church, VA.

Ingredients: ground beef, carrots, contains 2% or less of the following: curry paste (garlic, shallot, dried red chilli, dried chilli pepper, salt, gingerroot, lemon grass, sugar, galangal, tamarind juice, lime, coriander seeds, citric acid), lemongrass, scallions, citrus extracts, spice extract, fish sauce (anchovies, sea salt, salt water [water, sea salt]), sea salt, citrus flour.

Contains: fish.

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Phil's Finest
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Phil's Finest, formerly known as Misfit Foods, makes sausages and grinds with tasty and nutritious veggies, humanely-raised meats, and the finest spices. The result? Delicious dinner and a healthier planet.Read more