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Organic Fuyu Persimmon Trio

3 count
$4.99 / lb

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Organic Fuyu Persimmon Trio

Product Details

Approx. 0.9-1.2 lb per trio

Of the many varieties of persimmon enjoyed worldwide, the Fuyu is by far the most popular. Fuyus are sweet, rich in flavor, and unlike their astringent Hachiya cousins, they are ready to consume while still crisp, like munching on an Autumn apple. Enjoy these seedless wonders sliced in salad, with yogurt, or right out of hand. They also make fabulous seasonal decorations!

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About The Producer

Milleans Orchards
Lodi, CA
Milleans Orchards works with small family-owned parcels across Lodi, Stockton and Vacaville, CA to create healthy, and thriving orchards that produces Certified Organic Fuyu Persimmons.Read more