Milleans Orchards

Milleans Orchards

Lodi, CA

Milleans Orchards works with small family-owned parcels across Lodi, Stockton, and Vacaville, CA to create healthy and thriving orchards that produce Certified Organic, hand-pruned, and picked Fuyu Persimmons.

Milleans Orchards is founded by John Donovan, a trained gardener/landscape contractor who took over a customer's property that had 360 Fuyu persimmon trees planted in 1985. John took advice from persimmon farmers to learn how to care for these trees and in 2014, he took the trees through the organic certification process.

By 2018, Milleans Orchards expanded to manage over other neglected and underperforming Fuyu Persimmon orchards in their around their county, now up to 23 acres.

Milleans Orchards' name comes from the combined names of Miles and Leanne, the two children of John's gardening customers.

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