Marukan Vinegar

Organic Rice Vinegar

12 fl oz
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Organic Rice Vinegar

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12 oz glass bottle
Marukan organic rice vinegar is made from selected organic rice from the Lundberg Family Farms in Sacramento, California. Marukan Organic Rice Vinegar is brewed using a traditional method with great care and aged in holding tanks for about a month until it mellows. The mild acidity will enrich your favorite dishes. We support organic farming! USDA certified, Oregon Tilth certified, Non-GMO and Gluten Free.

Ingredients: Organic Rice Vinegar (Water, Organic Rice)

Acidity :4.3%

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Marukan Vinegar
Paramount, CA
Producing rice vinegar with legendary taste and mildness takes time. Marukan Vinegars are slowly and naturally brewed, using traditional methods developed by over three centuries of experience. The delicate aroma, rich flavor and mild taste of Marukan are all the result of this natural, slow-brewed process.Read more