Marian Farms

Marian Farms

Fresno, CA

Marian Farms is a female-owned, 3rd generation farm and distillery and was the first vineyard in America to be certified Biodynamic in 1995. Marian Farms produces a variety of products from table grapes, citrus, almonds, and raisins, to brandy, aged brandy, curaçao & cocktails. Their spirits and cocktails are made exclusively from certified organic and biodynamic fruits and botanicals grown on the farm. Marian Farms' missions are growing great food, crafting fine spirits, and taking care of the earth.

Many of Marian Farms' Biodynamic practices are a return to age-old farming methods. They make their own compost and preparations (homeopathic plant materials that stimulate plant growth and health), and grow a diverse range of fruit and vegetables that thrive in the 12-month-a-year growing season of the Central Valley. Their commitment to Biodynamic farming involves a spiritual component and some serious elbow grease. The farm also uses biodynamically inspired Festival sprays to honor the earth.

Their biodynamic and organic spirits are made in small batches using traditional copper-pot distillation.

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