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Rise & Puff Everything Tortilla

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Rise & Puff Everything Tortilla

Product Details

Eight 7" tortillas per pack

These thin and flaky tortillas are made from only 5 ingredients, are 100 calories per tortilla, and are ready to eat in 60 seconds! They're preservative-free, so they're best kept refrigerated, frozen, or consumed within 7 days once it's opened. For the best flavor and texture, pre-heat a non-stick pan or grill over medium heat (no oil required) or use tongs to rest it directly over a gas flame. Heat the tortillas for 20-30 seconds per side until they puff up, increasing the cooking time for greater crispiness.

Ingredients: Everything Tortilla (Unbleached Wheat Flour, Water, Avocado Oil, Seasoning (Sea Salt, Poppy Seeds, Toasted Onion And Toasted Garlic)

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Rise & Puff
Menlo Park, CA
Rise & Puff Tortillas is a brand that specializes in creating exceptional tortillas using only 4 ingredients. With their commitment to quality and innovative flavor combinations, they redefine the art of tortilla making. Experience the unrivaled taste and explore the essence of exceptional flavor with Rise & Puff Tortillas.Read more