Mamma Chia

Organic Black Chia Seeds

12 oz
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Organic Black Chia Seeds

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12 oz bag

With essential Omega-3, prebiotic fiber, and protein, these magical seeds make a nutrient-dense addition to smoothies, salads, desserts, baked goods, and more.

Ingredients: Organic Black Chia Seeds

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Mamma Chia
Carlsbad, CA
Mamma Chia, founded by Janie in the heart of San Diego County, is a beacon of wellness and vitality through the magic of chia seeds. Born from a personal quest for better health, Mamma Chia became the pioneer in introducing organic, chia-based foods and beverages. Committed to nourishment and joy, Mamma Chia offers a range of delicious, nutrient-rich products that harness the incredible power of chia to boost wellness, energy, and strength in daily life. A conscious and sustainable company at its core, Mamma Chia invites you to experience the vitality of chia and join in their mission of wellness and planetary care.Read more