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Sister-in-Law’s Vegan Curry Simmer Sauce

16 fl oz
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Sister-in-Law’s Vegan Curry Simmer Sauce

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16 fl oz, Arrives frozen in a BPA-free pouch

Used as a base for soups, stews, and braises, Mama Tong Sister-in-Law’s Vegan Curry Simmer Sauce warms the heart and nourishes the whole family. A perfect start to rejuvenate you at mealtimes.

Ingredients: filtered water, onion*, tomato*, ginger*, garlic*, galangal, lemon grass*, (soy free) garbanzo miso* (organic handmade rice koji, organic whole chickpeas, sun dried sea salt, blue ridge mtn well water), cilantro*, curry leaf, garam masala*, turmeric powder*, smoked paprika*, cumin*, coriander*, garlic salt*, olive oil*, coconut sugar*, bay leaf*, sea salt (*organic).

Contains: tree nuts.

Always packaged chilled.

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Mama Tong
Homemade, healing soups using Chinese remedies, specializing in post-natal recovery and well-being.Read more