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Qing Ji Tong: Herbal Chicken Soup

16 fl oz
$1.06 / fl oz
Qing Ji Tong: Herbal Chicken Soup

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16 fl oz, Arrives frozen in a BPA-free pouch

This traditionally restorative soup is made with a rich, slow simmered Ginger Chicken Bone Broth, savory bites of chicken and five flavorful healing Chinese herbs. Arrives frozen in a pint sized pouch. Always packaged chilled.

Ingredients: ginger chicken bone broth (filtered water, chicken bones*, ginger*, rice wine (water, rice*, sea salt, koji), sea salt), chicken*, red dates*, tremella*, goji berries*, longon fruit*, wood ear mushroom* (*organic).

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Mama Tong
Homemade, healing soups using Chinese remedies, specializing in post-natal recovery and well-being.Read more