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Maine Crab Claws with Cocktail & Mustard Sauce (Frozen)

16 oz
$21.99 / lb
Maine Crab Claws with Cocktail & Mustard Sauce (Frozen)

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16 oz, arrives frozen
These Jonah crab claws come with two special dipping sauces - cocktail and mustard sauce. Steamed and then frozen for optimal quality, simply defrost and eat as an appetizer or entree. The claws are scored to make breaking and grabbing the meat from the shell easier. 

Ingredients: Jonah Crab (Jonah Crab, water, salt), Cocktail Sauce Packet (water, tomato paste, invert sugar, horseradish [horseradish, water, distilled vinegar], Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Less than 2% Worcestershire Sauce (distilled vinegar, molasses, corn syrup, water, salt, caramel color, garlic powder, sugar, spices, tamarind, natural flavor, soybean oil), Mustard Sauce Packet (Water, distilled vinegar, soybean oil, invert sugar, mustard, egg yolk, horseradish [horseradish, water, distilled vinegar], sugar, less than 2% Modified corn starch, salt, honey, nonfat milk, turmeric, whey [milk], concentrated lemon juice, paprika, xanthan gum, and guar gum, soy lecithin, onion powder, garlic powder, sodium alginate, Paprika oleoresin).

Contains: Crustacean Shellfish ((Jonah Crab), Milk, Soy, Eggs, Mustard (mustard sauce).

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