Le Spinee

Bianco Frizzante Pet Nat Veneto

750 ml
Bianco Frizzante Pet Nat Veneto

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750 ml, 11% abv

There are lots of ways to make sparkling wine. In recent years, one of the oldest methods for creating bubbles has returned to fashion. Called pétillant naturel, or pét-nat for short, this method involves a secondary fermentation in the bottle, with the leftover yeast remaining in the bottle. If you see a bottle topped with a crown cap, then you’re likely looking at a pét-nat. This rustic way of sparkling wine produces quaffable, unfussy sparklers that are sure to get the party started. 

The Durante family of La Spinee stand out for their organic farming and low-interventionist winemaking in a region where industrial production is the norm. Interestingly, they’ve opted to make a pét-nat in Prosecco country. So while their Metodo Antico (Italian for pétillant naturel) comes from Prosecco, it doesn’t resemble your traditional grocery-store sparkler. Bone dry and with a toasted brioche quality, the result of extended contact with the yeasts in the bottle, it has more personality than your typical Prosecco. But it’s still plenty of fun and will disappear almost as quickly as you can pop the top on it. 

With its effervescence and verve, this bottling works perfectly as an aperitivo to kick off your next gathering. You could also serve it alongside seafood dishes ranging from halibut crudo to seared scallops. No matter what you pair it with, it’s sure to elicit smiles. If you haven’t yet explored the wonderful world of pét-nat, here’s the introduction you’ve been waiting for. 

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Le Spinee
Veneto, Italy
Le Spinee in a small family-owned winery, bordering the Piave river, which provides the ideal terrain and conditions for wine making. Read more