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Almond Firewood with Kindling

27 lb
$0.74 / lb
Almond Firewood with Kindling

Product Details

Approx. 16" long, 3-6" wide
Lazzari's most popular home heating product is Almond Firewood with Kindling. The Almond wood is an orchard-cut hardwood that provides clean and long-lasting burn. It also provides very high heat and is the most popular choice for use in wood ovens for cooking.

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San Francisco, CA
Since 1908 Lazzari Fuel Company has manufactured and distributed high quality fuels for cooking and industry. Servicing Food Service, Grocery and Specialty Store customers from distribution centers nationwide, Lazzari's premium cooking fuels include Mesquite Lump Charcoal and Gourmet Hardwood Logs, Chunks, Sawdust and Wood Chips.Read more