La Tourangelle

Roasted Almond Oil

250 ml
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Roasted Almond Oil

Product Details

250 ml bottle
Nutty, rich, and toasty, this Roasted Almond Oil from La Tourangelle is hand-crafted using traditional French methods. With a high smoke point and full-bodied flavor, almond oil is incredibly versatile. Try it for baking to lend a subtle and elegant almond flavor to cookies, shortbread, and cakes. Almond oil is also wonderful as a finishing oil and whisked into salad dressings, sauces, and marinades. 

almond oil. 
Contains: tree nuts.

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About The Producer

La Tourangelle
We, at La Tourangelle, are an authentic & traditional family producer of specialty oils handcrafting a wide range of delicious artisan nut oils both in France and California. All the La Tourangelle nut oils sold in North America are made in our artisan oil mill located in Woodland, CA mostly from California grown nuts. We also distribute an exclusive line of premium oils imported from all over the World. All our artisan oils are expeller-pressed, Non-GMO, all natural and delicious.Read more