Park City, Utah

At the heart of Kodiak lies a bold spirit, crafting breakfasts and snacks that defy the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Made for the daring, the brave, and those who seek more than what the expected paths offer, Kodiak is a beacon for renegades and adventurers alike. Each product is a call to break free from the mundane, crafted meticulously with 100% whole grains and a significant protein boost to fuel your ventures into the wild and beyond.

Understanding the vital role of nourishment in an active lifestyle, Kodiak has chosen whole grains as the foundation of its offerings. Packed with fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, these whole grains are left in their most nutritious form, offering sustained energy to carry you through the most demanding days. Protein, essential for both power and satisfaction, complements this natural energy source, making Kodiak's products not just meals, but a vital part of a life lived fully.

For those seeking an extra protein punch, Kodiak doesn’t disappoint. Offering options to enhance your meal with milk and an egg, Kodiak ensures you’re well-equipped to face any adventure head-on, without resorting to the blandness of a typical protein shake. This commitment to taste, nutrition, and the spirit of adventure makes Kodiak more than just a food brand—it’s a companion for expanding the day's range, proving it's wild what you and a real breakfast can do.

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Blueberry Oat Breakfast Bar
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