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Organic Wild Mustard Rapini Greens

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Organic Wild Mustard Rapini Greens

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Approx. 0.5lbs per bag
Rick Knoll grows this amazing mixed variety of Rapini and harvests it at its earlier stage, so as to give us only the most tender of leaves, with small florets. It's got just the slightest mustardy kick to it, with plenty of Brassica sweetness. Enjoy this Wild Mustard Rapini quickly steamed to preserve flavor, or sautéed lightly with olive oil, garlic and, if you'd like, some chili flakes. 

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About The Producer

Knoll Farms
Brentwood, CA
Rick and Kristie Knoll have been farming in Brentwood, CA, since 1979. Their farm is an 18-acre ecosystem that comprises over 150 different items and many times as many critters and other beneficial organisms.Read more