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Organic Fava Greens

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Organic Fava Greens

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Approx. 0.25 lb per bag .
An essential part of many farms' cover-cropping program, and the bearing of some of springtime's most delicious fresh beans, the Fava plant also has velvety soft leaves that boast a sweet, nutty and earthy flavor. Use them raw in a salad with a grassy olive oil, or throw them on top of a pizza. Fava Greens are a springtime treat that you won't want to miss out on!

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Knoll Farms
Brentwood, CA
Rick and Kristie Knoll have been farming in Brentwood, CA, since 1979. Their farm is an 18-acre ecosystem that comprises over 150 different items and many times as many critters and other beneficial organisms.Read more