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Organic Elephant Garlic Cloves

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Organic Elephant Garlic Cloves

Product Details

Elephant Garlic is actually a variant of a garden leek, but has a garlicky bite to it, but less pungent and often less juicy than other varieties of garlic. Its large-sized cloves make it perfect for making garlic chips or roasting whole.

Note: sometimes the outer layer of the cloves will fall off or be cracked enough to expose the flesh of the clove, which causes the outside of the clove to harden a bit. But don't worry, this garlic is perfectly safe and delicious to eat!

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Knoll Farms
Brentwood, CA
Rick and Kristie Knoll have been farming in Brentwood, CA, since 1979. Their farm is an 18-acre ecosystem that comprises over 150 different items and many times as many critters and other beneficial organisms.Read more