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Organic Cardoons with Greens

1 lb
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Organic Cardoons with Greens

Product Details

Approx. 5-7 stalks with leaves, 12"-long, per pound
The leaf stalks of the Cardoon plant have an artichoke-like flavor. They are in the thistle family, like sunchokes, sunflowers and artichokes.  They need to be cooked before being eaten, or they are very bitter.  To cook cardoons, take off any leaves with a peeler, as these tend to be too fibrous.  In order to prevent discoloration, place them in acidulated water, They can then be braised or boiled into a stew. In New Orleans, they're frequently battered and deep fried. Larger stalks can sometimes take up to an hour to soften, but the wait is well worth your while when you can add that artichoke-y sweetness to any dish.

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Knoll Farms
Brentwood, CA
Rick and Kristie Knoll have been farming in Brentwood, CA, since 1979. Their farm is an 18-acre ecosystem that comprises over 150 different items and many times as many critters and other beneficial organisms.Read more