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Kite Hill

Vegan Ricotta


8 oz
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Vegan Ricotta

Product Details

Our ricotta has sweet, and cultured overtones, and a buttery, smooth finish. It is moist and incredibly versatile. Its silky texture makes for a great mascarpone substitute and is ideal for desserts.

You can use our ricotta in any recipe that calls for dairy-based ricotta. It is particularly good in pasta fillings and cheesecakes.

Ingredients: Almond milk (water, almonds), salt, enzymes, cultures.

Contains Tree Nuts (Almonds)

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About The Producer

Kite Hill
Hayward, CA
The non-GMO almonds are sourced locally from California’s San Joaquin Valley and made into fresh almond milk daily. We’ve figured out how to make buttery fresh ricotta, aged nut milk cheeses, creamy almond milk yogurt, and fantastic entrées and desserts— all out of almond milk.Read more