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Medium White Bianchetti Truffle

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Medium White Bianchetti Truffle

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Approx. 11-13g per count

Bianchetti Truffles is a culinary delight with a rich aroma reminiscent of garlic and aged cheese and a complex flavor profile that brings an earthy sophistication to any dish. Harvested in the verdant woodlands of Italy, these truffles exhibit a marbled beige-to-brown interior and a distinctive texture. They are particularly cherished for their ability to enhance the flavors of simple ingredients, making them a versatile addition to your kitchen. Shave them over delicate pasta, infuse them into butter for a luxurious spread, or incorporate them into a festive dish as a special touch for occasions like Valentine's Day. Enjoy the unrivaled taste of Bianchetti Truffles and transform everyday meals into gourmet experiences.

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