King of Mushrooms

King of Mushrooms

South San Francisco, CA

Todd Spanier founded King of Mushrooms in 1996. His passion for mushrooms and wild foods is derived from a close bond he shared with both of his Grandfathers, who frequently brought him mushroom hunting and foraging as a young man. Todd began hunting on his own, and would eventually begin selling mushrooms to many of San Francisco's top restaurants while still in high school. Todd's passion has grown exponentially over the years, and his company has developed into a top sustainable wild food purveyor in the San Francisco Bay Area. Todd's network of family, friends, and fungaioli (mushroom hunters) is what makes King of Mushrooms what it is today.

King of Mushrooms' mission is to provide excellent customer service, aggressive pricing, and the best quality products available. King of Mushroom is constantly evolving in efforts to maximize efficiency and reliability in order to stay competitive within the industry. They are committed to being the best purveyor that they can be, and are proud to be known as one of the finest in the specialized industry.

The quality of the products they offer their customers is vital to their success. By selecting only the finest quality products from around the world, King of Mushrooms have been able to sustain continuous growth and customer satisfaction. They believe that quality starts in the field, and so they only work with the most highly skilled and experienced harvesters. Years of experience have enabled them to develop a selective eye and skills that allow them to work well with the harvesters and to pick in a way that is both sustainable and mindful of the environment. By maintaining these high standards, King of Mushroom strives to improve the mushroom experience from the forest to the table.

King of Mushrooms offer one of the most prized and coveted food ingredients in the world, the white truffle of Italy. These gifts of nature are unearthed sustainably by dogs with their handler. The Italians have been extracting the white truffles (Tuber magnatum) for centuries. These wild treasures of the forest are part of a clandestine cultural and culinary heritage based on traditional knowledge and practices handed down orally through rural Italian families who live near the truffle-growing areas. Our founder, Todd Spanier forager/chef, is proud and grateful to be an Italian American. Todd continues this connection to source quality truffles, through his family and friends in Italy.

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