Kimberley Wine Vinegars

Organic Champagne Wine Vinegar

375 ml
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Organic Champagne Wine Vinegar

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12.5 fl oz.

Exceptionally light and delicate with only 5.5% acidity, Kimberley organic Champagne wine vinegar is made with the same grapes used for the best California sparkling wines. Mix with olive oil to dress citrus and avocado salad, and tender greens, or use to deglaze the pan after sautéing poultry and seafood (add fresh rosemary or tarragon). Enjoy like sweet rice wine vinegar to enhance Asian vegetables and sauces. Certified by CCOF.

Ingredients: 100% vinegar

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Kimberley Wine Vinegars
Lodi, CA
We have been making artisanal wine vinegars in California for over 35 years. Using traditional French fermentation methods, known as Orleans process, our vinegars taste like the fruits from which they came, with a distinct varietal wine character that reflects the fertile soil and unique climate of California.Read more