Kimberley Wine Vinegars

Kimberley Wine Vinegars

Lodi, CA

Established in the Bay Area in 1975 by Ruth and Larry Robinson, Kimberley Wine Vinegars was the first producer of authentic French-style Orleans process vinegar in the United States. Named after the founder’s daughter, the company is now owned and operated by the Alexander family who purchased Kimberley Wine Vinegars in 1999.

The Alexander’s of Lodi, California have been growing grapes for four generations and have operated a California winery and varietal grape juice concentrate plant since 1968. Tom Alexander who oversees day-to-day management of Kimberley moved the company from Daly City to Acampo where they have significantly increased vinegar production while remaining faithful to the time-honored fabrication methods. At present over 900 barrels are filled with live cultures that require fermentation lasting a minimum of twelve months.

In 2002 the Alexander’s began making organic vinegars and by 2009 the family winery became certified organic by CCOF (Certified California Organic Farmers), which allowed the Alexander’s to produce organic wine for Kimberley vinegar production. In 2012 Kimberley launched an all new organic line that includes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Champagne wine vinegars. At present, Kimberley is the original US company to craft certified organic vinegar using the Orleans process.

Tom Alexander is a passionate caretaker of Kimberley’s legacy and revels in the way chefs, customers and friends delight in the vinegar’s lively aroma and robust, fruity taste.

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