Katz Gluten Free

Katz Gluten Free

Mountainville NY

In 2006, Mrs. F. Katz faced a challenge familiar to many: finding gluten-free products that didn’t sacrifice flavor for dietary needs. With two children sensitive to gluten, she embarked on a mission to bake treats that matched the deliciousness of traditional baked goods, free from gluten and other common allergens. Her dedication led to the creation of Katz Gluten-Free, a bakery that prioritizes taste, quality, and inclusivity.

Katz Gluten-Free quickly evolved from a home-based endeavor to a state-of-the-art facility, maintaining a strict nut & dairy-free environment and garnering certifications from reputable organizations like the Gluten Intolerance Group and OU. Mrs. Katz’s commitment to quality remains unwavering, using only the finest ingredients and steering clear of artificial preservatives and chemical additives. Her bakery serves a diverse community, extending beyond gluten intolerance to include those with nut, dairy, soy allergies, and more.

Today, Katz Gluten-Free stands as a testament to what determination and care can create: a line of baked goods that brings joy and inclusion back to the table for individuals with dietary restrictions. Whether it’s donuts, cookies, cakes, or pies, Katz Gluten-Free ensures no one has to feel left out from the simple pleasure of a delicious treat.

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