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Spicy Seaweed, Date & Bison Bone Broth Kale Chips

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Spicy Seaweed, Date & Bison Bone Broth Kale Chips

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Low temperature dehydrated, contains animal products, nut free, soy free
Like the wild bison who roamed the plains for millennia, this chip is blessed with an unshakeable strength. Complementing the broth are Mendocino-wildcrafted Seawhip & Seapalm Seaweeds and Medjool Dates from the Coachella Valley. The sweet, spicy, bountiful depth of this chip brings us in to ecstatic harmony with our bodies and the wild world around us.

These chips are particularly nutrient dense and a recommended serving size is one half cup.

Our bison bone broth is brewed in house with bones from Bison Rock Ranch, a pasture based family farm out of Shasta County. The broth is simmered for days to fully extract the minerals and gelatin in the bones. These vitalizing trace minerals give us energy and a sense of true nourishment. 

(100% Organic) Ingredients: Kale, Sunflower Seeds+, Pastured Bone Broth*, Ghee', Seaweed, Dates, Chickpea Miso (soy free) Herbs, Real Salt.
'May Contain Trace Amounts of Dairy

Packaged in a cellophane bag that is compostable in a home system.

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Kaleidoscope Living Foods
Like G-G-Grandmother, we work with food from local farmers and wildcrafters we love, and the occasional international fair-trader for ultra specialty items. Our kale chips bridge old and new worlds with recipes inspired by traditional French cuisine and modern raw food preparation techniques. Our primary focus is the kale chip, a miracle superfood that can be enjoyed anywhere ~ as a boost on a hike, as a next-level treat at dinnertime, or as a pick-me up at office functions.Read more