Kaleidoscope Living Foods

Kaleidoscope Living Foods

Picture yourself at the kitchen table of your great great Grandmother. She just served lunch - an array of nourishing and enlivening goodies lines the table, all set to feed your family deep nourishment. Her last item to arrive at the table comes in a jar and is the result of her most recent acquisition: the low-temperature dehydrator. With bravo she passes the jar around the table and tells all to take from it a little nugget. This nugget, she explains, is what she calls a Kale Chip. It is food of the future and it will allow them to take On The Go the restorative nutrition she now offers at her table. Deep. Energizing. Nourishment. 

Like G-G-Grandmother, we work with food from local farmers and wildcrafters we love, and the occasional international fair-trader for ultra specialty items. Our kale chips bridge old world Europe with new world machinery via recipes inspired by traditional French cuisine and modern raw food preparation techniques. Our primary focus is the kale chip, a miracle superfood that can be enjoyed anywhere ~ as a boost on a hike, as a next-level treat at dinnertime, or as a pick-me up at office functions.

Kaleidoscope kale chips are all organic. We experience that food is most nourishing when made from a hybrid of raw and cooked ingredients; this includes kale chips. Our chips are seasoned and gently air dried for a perfect crunch and flavor profile.

As we source most of our ingredients locally, chip varieties vary with the seasons. Proceeds to go support the creation of more chips, as well as the development of the permaculture Food Savannah that will eventually provide the raw ingredients for the chips. In addition to growing food in permaculture style, this food savannah, known as the Regenerative Schoolhouse, will serve as a research and teaching center for traditional, nourishing foods prepared with a modern twist. 

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