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Fonicchiona Salame

6 oz
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Fonicchiona Salame

Product Details

One 6.25 oz packaging
Fonicchiona Salame from Journeyman Meat Company is a thick, dried, Italian style salame. Seasoned with fennel and balanced with white wine from Sonoma County, this versatile salame pairs well with a variety of wines and cheeses but we especially like it with Pinot Noir. 

Ingredients: Pork, Rissian River Chardonnay (White Wine), Sea Salt, contains 2% or less ofDextrose, Lactic ACid Starter Culture, Sodium Nitrite, and Sodium Nitrate

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About The Producer

Journeyman Meat Co.
Sonoma County, CA
Journeyman Meat Co. uses century-old family recipes, paired with the world’s finest curing equipment from Italy to make salumi that is unlike most American salumi from family-run, open-pasture farms.Read more