Journeyman Meat Co.

Journeyman Meat Co.

Sonoma County, CA

Journeyman Meat Co. uses century-old family recipes, paired with the world’s finest curing equipment from Italy to make salumi that is unlike most American salumi from family-run, open-pasture farms. 

Journeyman Meat Co.'s founder, respected vintner Peter Seghesio, apprenticed with both Tuscany’s famous Dario Cecchini and the Marini Family of Florence, one of the oldest and most highly decorated salumi producers in all of Italy. That experience helped him guide and build an artisanal program dedicated to preserving old world recipes and methodologies in a state-of-the-art environment.

Peter crafts salumi with a winemaker's sensitivities. The American industry standards produce salumi hot and fast with non-fat dry milk. They forgo the shortcuts by fermenting at cooler temperatures, aging more slowly, and not using non-fat dry milk with the goal of producing the highest quality meats on the West Coast.

Journeyman is produced in the culinary Eden of Sonoma County. This diverse agricultural area in known for producing high quality grapes, cattle, dairy, cheese, lamb, seafood, and apples. Here, warm days with evenings cooled from the fog that blows in from the Pacific Ocean creates a perfect growing climate. The cold air that flows down the Mayacama Range is the same night air that is used to refresh the nightly air exchange in the aging rooms. The historic San Lorenzo Ranch was purchased by their great-grandfather in 1896 with ten gold coins he earned as a cook in the California Gold Rush. Today, Journeyman Meat Co. raise cattle aside the grapes that were first planted in the late 1800’s. It is wine from these family vineyards that seasons the oak wood used in their smoker.

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