I Solai di San Giorgio

I Solai di San Giorgio

Modena, Italy

I Solai di San Giorgio embodies the essence of traditional Italian craftsmanship, where history, nature, and the simple beauty of a place converge to create something extraordinary. Founded in Ganaceto by the Cozzola and Fiorini families, this company is ideally located just a few kilometers away from Modena, often referred to as the "capital" of balsamic vinegar.

The company's name, "The Attics," is not just a label; it's a homage to the very spaces where high-quality Aceto Balsamico has its origins. In the past and even today, this liquid gold is crafted and matured naturally in wooden barrels, hidden away in the attics of houses. This choice is not arbitrary but is steeped in purpose. The attics provide an unmatched atmosphere for the production of top-tier balsamic vinegar. The secrets lie in the high air circulation and significant temperature differences, both daily and seasonally, creating an environment that perfectly nurtures and transforms the vinegar.

So, when you savor the unique flavor of I Solai di San Giorgio's balsamic vinegar, you're not just experiencing a culinary delight; you're tasting history, tradition, and the essence of a place that has mastered this craft for generations. It's an ode to heritage, a celebration of nature's elements, and a promise of incomparable quality.

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