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Plant-based Bacon

5 oz
$1.89 / oz
Plant-based Bacon

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Approx. 10 strips per 5 oz

Hooray makes delicious plant-based meats that look, cook, and taste just like the real thing. This plant-based bacon is made out of simple, clean ingredients that are animal-free, nitrate-free, and minimally processed. They are great for breakfast to start your day, a great plant-based alternative for a classic BLT sandwich, or even chopped for a salad topping.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Rice flour, Tapioca Starch, Liquid smoke, Maple syrup, Umami powder (Shitake Mushroom Powder, Salt, Mushroom Extract, Calcium Carbonate) Sea Salt, Beet juice concentrate

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Hooray Foods
San Francisco, CA
Hooray creates plant-based meats that look, cook, and taste like the real thing. Read more