HelioRoast Coffee

French Roast Coffee Beans

12 oz
$2.08 / oz

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French Roast Coffee Beans

Product Details

12 oz resealable kraft bg

A favorite blend designed to endure the rigors of dark roasting, and produce excellent pungent tastes, attractive bittersweet/carbony flavors, and great body. Body is so important to a darker roast, and a thin cup of burned water IS NOT what French Roast coffee is about! When correctly roasted you will taste some degree of bittersweet, overlayed on carbony charcoal tones. You want something still voluminous, and that stings you a bit down the center of the tongue.

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HelioRoast Coffee
San Francisco
Two factors make HelioRoast Coffee different: we use solar panels to micro-roast our beans, and in most instances we get your order to you within two days. This ensures that you receive the freshest possible coffee.Read more