Hammerling Wines

Hammerling Wines

Berkeley, CA

Founded in 2018, Hammerling Wines embarks on a captivating journey through California's coastal vineyards, focusing on the allure of low-intervention sparkling wines. The driving force behind this endeavor is Josh Hammerling, a winemaker and the founder of the brand. Josh's vinicultural journey began in 2014, tending to cellars, vineyards, and tasting rooms in Washington State. It was in the experimental ambiance of friends' garages that his interest in low-intervention winemaking blossomed, fostering a deep fascination with both classic and innovative expressions of sparkling wines.

In 2017, Josh made the strategic move to Berkeley, where he secured positions with Broc Cellars and Donkey and Goat, all while laying the groundwork for his dream project. Berkeley's central location, nestled between California's Central Coast and Mendocino, provides an ideal vantage point for sourcing grapes from responsibly cultivated vineyards with distinct characteristics. Hammerling Wines aims to capture the essence of these exceptional coastal vineyards, delivering sparkling wines that are a testament to nature's craftsmanship. This isn't just wine; it's a celebration of California's cool-climate winemaking at its finest. Whether you're toasting a special occasion or simply savoring everyday moments, Hammerling Wines invites you to experience the beauty of the Golden State's terroir in every effervescent sip.

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