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Organic Lactose-Free Plain Whole Milk Yogurt

24 oz
$0.27 / oz
Organic Lactose-Free Plain Whole Milk Yogurt

Product Details

One 24 oz tub

Made with a simple, carefully crafted recipe, the richness of whole milk combines with the superb sweet and tangy flavor of this delicious yogurt. Whole milk yogurt works well in many cooking and baking applications and can be used in recipes as a lactose-free substitute for sour cream. Whether eaten in a savory dish or sweet dessert, our whole milk yogurt will provide flavor and richness.

Ingredients: organic pasteurized cultured whole milk, lactase enzyme, live and active cultures

Contains: milk

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Green Valley Creamery
Sebastopol, CA
Green Valley Creamery offers lactose-free dairy products from Sebastopol, CA.Read more