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Galpin Family Farms

Bulk Bream Tarocco Blood Oranges

3 lb
$3.33 / lb
Bulk Bream Tarocco Blood Oranges

Product Details

approx 2-4 oranges per lb
Tarocco Blood Oranges are the sweetest of the blood orange varietals, with juicy flesh and a bright color that can range from deep red to streaked pink. Eat these stunning oranges as is, slice them over salads, roast with meat and veggies, or try them baked into an olive oil cake.

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Galpin Family Farms
Reedley, CA
Lisa and Anthony Galpin are second-generation farmers in California's Central Valley. Based in Reedley, the Galpins grow a variety of stone fruit, citrus and grapes, mainly for a handful of farmers' markets in Southern California.Read more