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Shrimp Siciliano

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Shrimp Siciliano

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11 oz, arrives frozen

Fusha Foods presents Shrimp Siciliano, a culinary gem that marries the robust flavors of Italy with tender, succulent shrimp. This dish is a bountiful mix of premium shrimp, ozro ancient grains, kale, and garlic butter, all drenched in a hearty marinara sauce for an authentic taste of Sicilian cuisine. It's not just a meal; it's a journey to the vibrant Italian coast, delivering a perfect blend of nourishment and flavor. Whether enjoyed on its own or as a lavish addition to your pasta, Fusha Shrimp Siciliano brings a slice of Mediterranean delight right to your table.

Ingredients: cooked multi-grain macaroni product (water, durum wheat semolina, whole wheat flour, blend {barley, rye, whole wheat, oat, amaranth, quinoa, millet, sorghum, cooked garbanzo beans, kale, red bell pepper, cooked red quinoa, contains less than 2%of brown sugar, canola oil, dehydrated vegetables (garlic, onion, bell pepper, flavor, sea salt, spices., tomato paste (vine-ripened fresh tomatoes and naturally derived citric acid), butter (cream, natural flavor), dehydrated onion and garlic, salt, sugar, spices, citric acid, and silicon dioxide added to prevent caking, cornstarch, garlic, spice, shrimp, rice, white, long-grain, parboiled, enriched. cooked

Contains: Milk, Shellfish

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Fusha Foods
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Experience the rich Mediterranean tradition with Fusha Foods, a standout brand from Clean Label Gourmet Foods. Inspired by the cherished seafood recipes of the founder’s grandmother, Fusha Foods offers a taste of Mediterranean excellence, crafted with high-quality, fresh ingredients to bring mouthwatering meals to your table. Each dish is a celebration of flavor and tradition, made to deliver convenience without compromising on the quality and freshness that are at the heart of Mediterranean cuisine.Read more