Patience Fruit Co.

Patience Fruit Co.


Patience Fruit Co. has been growing organic cranberries for over 20 years in Quebec, Canada. Begun by the Le Moine family, they're now a partnership of over 25 families and were one of the first certified organic cranberry farms in Quebec. 

These little berries thrive in the sand and acidic soil that make up much of Centre-du-Québec and the land surrounding the village – less rich land that is often overlooked by traditional agriculture. Like many fruit shrubs, the cranberry is a hardy plant that has learned to adapt to its Northern soil. Contrary to popular belief, cranberries do not grow underwater. Rather, cranberry fields are flooded when harvest season comes around, to make berry picking easier. Patience Fruit Co. only harvests when the berries are fully grown and their color shines bright, which is when the berries' polyphenol level is at its highest. Healthy for the berries, healthy for you!

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