Fly By Jing

Fly By Jing

Los Angeles, CA

Fly By Jing is the first premium Chinese food company that brings 100% all-natural Sichuan condiments to the modern kitchen. It was founded by Jing Gao, a chef and entrepreneur, in 2018 and was inspired by the renowned fly restaurants, delicious hole-in-the-wall eateries that are so popular that they attract diners like flies, in her hometown Chengdu. The ingredients are sourced straight from Chengdu, giving their products the real complexities of flavor. Fly By Jing does not want to conform to anyone else’s notion of value or tradition, but instead tell the story and vision of Jing herself. By creating thoughtful food, Fly By Jing wishes to spur meaningful dialogue and discovery. 

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Zhong Sauce
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