Figure Ate

Figure Ate

Summerland, CA

Figure Ate was established by the White Buffalo Land Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to restoring the ecosystem through agriculture and combating the climate, biodiversity and public health issues around the world. Focusing solely on regenerative agriculture, Figure Ate produces products that are considered restorative foods, foods that identify and address an ecological need through regenerative agriculture and result in a healthy and nutrient dense food product. All proceeds return to the White Buffalo Land Trust where they support education, training, and research programs along with the expansion of regenerative agriculture. The land they steward, farming and ranching partners go above and beyond organic standards to meet Figure Ate’s needs and revitalize the land. Their practices seek to boost soil health, water cycles and biodiversity. Figure Ate truly believes in the restorative power of food for both the planet and people. Their goal is to rebuild the connection between health and Mother Earth, bringing back the “culture” in “agriculture", while creating unique and delicious products for the pantry.

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Oil & Vinegar

Persimmon Vinegar
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