Fatted Calf Charcuterie

Fatted Calf Charcuterie

Napa and San Francisco

Fatted Calf is a charcuterie and butcher shop dedicated to the details that produce incredibly tasty food.  Sourcing the right ingredients and creating our meaty goods in small batches ensures proper attention is paid to each step in the process.  The extra time we take creates a truly exceptional product you’re sure to enjoy.

We source the best pigs and products because we care about the quality of life our animals receive.  We do it because we want to make a larger impact on the people of our area and country.  Here at Fatted Calf there is an extended effort to highlight the work of small farmers that work with passion and standards the exceed those around them.  By choosing to use only pasture raised meats we hope to change the course of the American food system, and positively impact our community and others.  We are not just selling pork chops and prosciutto; we are feeding people quality food that is better for them, the environment, and small business.

When you choose to shop with Fatted Calf you’re voting for better quality of life for the animals, the farmer, and the communities surrounding them.  Our goal is the make these standards for meat quality the norm. In addition to exceptional meat we also have a unique selection of artisanal food products from California and Italy hand selected for our shop.  Come by today and sample some salumi, beans, pasta, vinegar or fresh cuts and taste the difference.

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