Cognac, France

Fair, as a brand, was founded upon a compelling mission - one that aimed to pioneer fair trade practices within the alcohol industry. Their journey began in 2009, long before the concept of fair trade became a prominent trend. Their goal was to create a line of spirits that not only delighted the senses but also left a positive impact on people and the planet. The core of Fair's philosophy revolves around sourcing. For every spirit they craft, they meticulously select local Fair Trade ingredients. Quinoa, kumquat, coffee - these elements are chosen not just for their flavor but also for their ability to support ethical, sustainable practices. All of their spirits are distilled in the picturesque region of Cognac, France, renowned for producing some of the world's finest spirits.

This commitment to quality and fairness has paid off. Over 14 years of hard work and unwavering dedication have seen Fair expand its presence to encompass more than 25 markets globally. Their collaboration extends to the best distributors, including the likes of La Maison du Whisky in France, Mangrove in the UK, and Preiss Imports in the US. They've also earned a well-deserved place on the drink menus of renowned establishments like Little Red Door in Paris, Callooh Callay in London, and Bar Trench in Tokyo.

However, Fair's mission isn't solely about spirits; it's about a broader purpose. Their belief is profound - they genuinely see the art of crafting delightful cocktails as a means to build a better world. Fair isn't just a brand; it's a movement that transforms each drink into an opportunity to create positive change, one sip at a time. With Paul Rice, a visionary and leader in fair trade, by their side, Fair Trade USA has taken something once unheard of and made it an enduring part of our world. Fairtrade is no longer a fleeting trend; it's here to stay. It's a global movement, a web of connections, a way for individuals, companies, and consumers to come together and make choices that benefit us all - a conscious choice for a better world.

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