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Pork Pâté with Black Pepper

7 oz
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Pork Pâté with Black Pepper

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7 oz, enjoy within 2-3 days of opening.

Silky, rich Pork Pâté with Black Pepper is made with pork liver and all kinds of savory, aromatic spices, with the strongest feature given to fragrant, fruity, spicy black pepper. Pair it with a fresh baguette and crackers on a festive cheese and charcuterie board, or spread into sandwiches for a modern banh mi.

Ingredients: pork, pork liver, water, eggs, burgundy wine, onion, nonfat dry milk, salt, black pepper, granulated garlic, spices (nutmeg, coriander, caraway, allspice). Aspic: water, gelatin, vinegar, brandy, salt, carrageenan.

Contains: milk, eggs.

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Fabrique Délices
Hayward, CA
Fabrique Délices was established in 1985 in San Mateo, CA to bring outstandingly high-quality, consistent, and unique charcuterie presentations to the USA.Read more