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Chicken & Pork Bacon Mousse

7 oz
Chicken & Pork Bacon Mousse

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Fabrique Delices Bacon Mousse is a luxurious blend of creamy chicken livers marinated in Sherry wine and enriched with crispy bacon bits. This gourmet delicacy offers a rich, savory taste that's perfect for enhancing any charcuterie board. Pair it with saucisson sec, Spanish-style chorizo, saucisson de canard, and crunchy cornichons for a comprehensive flavor experience.

For a seamless serving, simply unstick the mousse from its terrine and present it elegantly on a cutting board or plate.

Complement this exquisite mousse with slices of a traditional French Baguette and enjoy with a glass of Merlot, Tawny Port, Gewurztraminer, or Madeira for a perfect culinary pairing.

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Fabrique Délices
Hayward, CA
Fabrique Délices was established in 1985 in San Mateo, CA to bring outstandingly high-quality, consistent, and unique charcuterie presentations to the USA.Read more