ENZO Olive Oil Company

ENZO Olive Oil Company

Clovis, CA

ENZO Olive Oil Company grows organic olives and mill organic, award-winning extra virgin olive oil. Their olive oil is 100% estate-grown, which means the entire process (growing, harvesting, and milling) happens on their farm.

ENZO is grown and milled on a 4th generation family farm in the heart of California's Central Valley. Our story begins in 1914 when Vincenzo Ricchiuti, an Italian immigrant, settled in California's fertile San Joaquin Valley. He planted the seeds of a family business which would eventually grow for generations.

After 40 years of growing table olives, the Ricchiuti family formally launched into the olive oil business in 2008. The olives trees, which flourish in a Mediterranean-like climate, are certified organic and during harvest the olives go from tree to mill within hours.

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