El Jolgorio

Pechuga Navideña Mezcal

750 ml

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Pechuga Navideña Mezcal

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750 ml, 48% ABV

Presenting the Pechuga Navideña Mezcal, a festive gem from El Jolgorio's Special Release series, bottled just once a year. This Espadín mezcal, crafted in celebratory tradition, weaves together a symphony of flavors with a unique touch — mandarinas and tejocote, indigenous Oaxacan fruits, along with oranges, raisins, apricots, pineapples, apples, bananas, anise, and almonds. A raw turkey is hung inside the still cap during the second distillation, adding a distinct richness.

To savor this Christmas edition, embrace the spirit of the season by enjoying it neat or in festive mezcal cocktails. Celebrate with the distinctive warmth and flavors of Pechuga Navideña.

Ingredients: Mezcal (Espadín Agave), fruits, nuts, spices, and turkey.

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About The Producer

El Jolgorio
Oaxaca, Mexico
El Jolgorio, meaning "the revelry," captures the essence of vibrant celebrations in Oaxaca, Mexico. This mezcal, distilled by the 6th generation mezcal producers, the Cortés family, is a homage to the traditional jolgorios that grace remote mountain villages. Crafted from responsibly harvested agave, each expression is a testament to the culture and traditions of the families involved. Working with rural, family palenques, El Jolgorio ensures the preservation of mezcal culture, presenting a rare collection of mezcals, each representing the finest example of its agave variety.Read more