El Jolgorio

El Jolgorio

Oaxaca, Mexico

El Jolgorio, the name translating to "the revelry," encapsulates the spirit of joyous celebrations that unfold along cobblestone and dirt roads in the mountain villages of Oaxaca, Mexico. These festivities, known as jolgorios, mark significant life events like births, deaths, weddings, and Saint’s Days. At the heart of these traditional celebrations is mezcal, and Mezcal El Jolgorio manifests this rich cultural heritage.

Crafted by the Cortés family, 6th generation mezcal producers, Mezcal El Jolgorio is a rare collection that pays homage to the families who have preserved and passed down the art of mezcal production through generations. The Cortés family has established a network of rural, family palenques (rustic distilleries) in the Vallés Centralés (Central Valleys) region, bringing together a tight-knit group dedicated to preserving the essence of mezcal culture.

What sets Mezcal El Jolgorio apart is its commitment to responsibly harvested, wild, and semi-cultivated varieties of agave. Each expression is a meticulous representation of the unique characteristics of the agave it's derived from. From harvest to distillation, every step is guided by hand, ensuring a traditional and authentic process. The mezcal is wood-fired roasted in earthen pits, wild-fermented, and distilled in copper stills, a testament to the artistry and expertise of each maestro mezcalero (master distiller).

The connection to the land, people, and plants is integral to Mezcal El Jolgorio. Each bottle is a story in itself, marked with details like the species of agave, the age at harvest, the village and name of the palenque, the name of the maestro mezcalero, and the batch and lot number. This transparency allows the drinker to connect with the soul of the mezcal truly. In every sip, Mezcal El Jolgorio invites you to celebrate the festivity of Oaxaca. Salud y Dixeebe!

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