Dynamo Donuts

Dynamo Donuts

San Francisco, CA
10 years ago, Dynamo Donuts' founder Sara Spearin took her experience from some of San Francisco's top restaurants (Foreign Cinema, Liberty Cafe, Stars, Postrio) to create her first Dynamo Donut classic while on maternity leave. Today, she and her team create donuts with interesting, delicious flavor combinations using the best local and seasonal ingredients when possible.

Dynamo Donuts are rolled, cut, fried, glazed, and garnished by hand. They partner with Palm Done Right to fry all of their donuts in sustainably sourced palm oil, and they even grow some ingredients in their own backyard! Made lovingly by a small team of bakers in their Mission storefront, Dynamo Donuts creates artisanal cake and classic donuts all by hand, using local, organic and seasonal ingredients wherever possible, from around the Bay Area.
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